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Interview with UNWRP Founder Ashley Fouyolle.

Featured on Teen Vogue, Essences and many others. Meet Ashley Fouyolle the founder and designer of UNWRP. Ashley has used her platform not only to showcase her work but to empower women in her lastest UNWRP collaboration. Check out Ashley latest interview with us.  

What inspired you to get into gift-wrapping? How did you become interested in surface pattern and graphic design?


 I’ve been a creative ever since I could remember, always redesigning and “beautifying” the things around me. Working as a graphic designer for a little over five years, gift wrap was only a mere hobby of mine. When gifting family & friends I would always make custom gift wrap for the receiver. I feel like if the gift wrap is tailored to the person’s personality then they would appreciate the gift even more…regardless of how big or small. I thought to take the idea of custom gift wrap as a serious business venture a few years but was quickly talked out of it. This year I was determined to take it serious and have been successful ever since.


Can you talk us through what a typical workday is like for you? 


As a full time entrepreneur everyday varies. The first thing I do every morning is create a plan of action. This helps me accomplish more throughout the day. Then, if Ive received new orders I move on to fulfilling them: printing, packaging, then off to the post office. During the holiday season, fulfilling orders was a 24hr process! I try to ship everything same day to ensure clients receive their orders in a timely manner. Next would be responding to emails and conference calls. I try to find times in between to eat and sleep, lol, but those are few and far between; lol


What role do trends play in your design process? How do you seek out trend information and what are your current favorite print and pattern trends? 


Trends play a huge role in my creative process. Trends inspire me to try new things, new techniques, and new colors. I am on Pinterest daily seeking new trends. My fav right now would definitely be color blocking. 


What are your goals for the future of unwrp? What would you like to be working on a year from now or five years from now? 


The future of UNWRP is limitless. I want to expand the brand to encompass a full gifting solution. I want to be the ‘Hallmark' for Millennials and Gen Z. But also the 'No Commission' for up and coming artist.


Over the course of your career, what actions or decisions have made the biggest impact on your design business? 


The biggest  decision I ever made was to leave my corporate job of two years. I made the decision to put myself first and to believe in my art. It was scary at first but it was the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.


What advice would you give to aspiring graphic designers? 

Stay inspired, stay motivated. Never get discouraged by others, believe in your ability and never stop learning. 

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